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School competition at Heidelberg schools for more environmental and climate protection

What is it about:

     The sustainable combination of climate protection and art.
     The pupils taking part in the competition will create an installation
     of blue shoes based on the idea of the "Blue Demonstration" art project. Here
     Each individual pair of blue shoes stands for a CO2-saving measure that the pupil
     the pupil has carried out in advance. The installation thus demonstrates
     installation not only demonstrates the visual language of art, but also shows that
     everyone can do something and that a lot can be achieved as a community.
     How can a school take part?

 How can a school participate?

  1. A teacher responsible for the competition registers the school informally at and is the contact person for the
    Blue Demonstration e.V. The pupils of the school classes that wish to take part
    want to take part carry out one of the ten measures to save CO2
    saving measures (list of measures and calculation of CO2 savings on the
    homepage After the CO2 action week, the pupils collect
    pupils collect old, rubbish-ready shoes from their families and paint them blue.
    painted blue. (The colour is donated by Bluedemonstration e.V.) After painting,
    the pupils write their name and their action including CO2 savings on the sole.
    The total number of painted pairs of shoes and the total number of
    CO2 savings is then sent to the school:


  2. Schools can now take part in the creative competition if they wish.
      The pupils (accompanied by teachers) design a creative form of expression with the blue shoes.
      form of expression with the blue shoes. This can be, for example, a short
      a short theatre piece, a dance, an art object that is formed from the blue shoes.
      from the blue shoes. There are no limits to creativity here.
      The finished work is documented in a video clip (maximum length 30 seconds) and
      (with the consent of the pupils appearing in it and their parents or guardians)
      parents/guardians) on the school website by 30 April 2024 at the latest.
      at the latest. A jury will then evaluate the submitted videos by the end of May 2024.
      evaluate the submitted videos.

     Prof. Dr. Mario Urlaß, Heidelberg University of Education
     Representative of the city of Heidelberg
     Frank Schlottmann, artist and first chairman of Blue Demonstration e.V.


What is there to win?

  1. Cash prize with support from the city of Heidelberg for the school whose students have saved the most CO2 in their private environment.

  2. Cash prize with the support of the city of Heidelberg for the school, with the best creative representation of the blue shoes in a video clip.




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