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Avoid standby mode by 0.5 kg per week
If you turn off your computer, TV or music system completely after use, you save
0.5 kg CO2 per week.

Vegan diet 19.0 kg per week
WIf you eat without any animal products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products), you save money
a whopping 19.0 kg of CO2 per week.

Vegetarian diet, 12.7 kg
Giving up meat is easier today than ever before. There are so many tasteful ones
Oldnatives in trade.

Buy locally from farmers in the region, 2.0 kg per week
Eat what is currently growing and sold in my region! In doing so, you not only support them
local agriculture, but also the climate.

Wash your hands cold 1.0 kg per week
Your hands will be just as clean with cold water. Who hands daily
Washing (approx. five times) with cold water instead of warm saves around 1.0 kg of CO2 per week

Bus and train instead of car 3.0 kg
If you take the bus and train to school every day, you also save 3.0 kg of CO2 per week.

Reduce your digital footprint.1kg per week
In everyday school life, this can easily occur when using computers and screens, as well as when saving data
and 1 kg of CO2 can be saved during video chats. Find out where the relevant ones are online
These are the adjusting screws.

Avoid packaging waste, 0.8 kg
If you reduce your family's packaging waste by a third, then you'll save money
On average around 0.8 kg CO2 per week.

Cycling more, 3.4 kg per week
By bike to school. This saves 3.4 kg of CO2 per week over a distance of around 10 km to school.

Lights off in unused rooms, 0.3 kg
Even small actions are rewarded and reduce your carbon footprint.
Turning off the lights in your room spkind of average 0.3 kg CO2 per week

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